Notes for INT200: Algorithms and Culture on 2/16/2017

Presentation by Ryan Leach

Article “Examining the Impact of Ranking on Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Revenue” by Anindya Ghose, Panagiotis Ipeirotis and Beibei Li

-Critical approach to impact of consumer behavior on the search engine
-Looking at hotel search websites
-Study illustrates how the internet can be structured to encourage certain user pathways— particularly consumer pathways
-Parallel with the structure of cities— Psychogeography which maps the relations between late capitalism and structure of urban areas
-Derive— “high theory parkour”— a digital derive? Applying this idea to internet structures, pathways a user can take through hyperlinks,
-Alternative models:
-Neutral Vessel model
-Actor-Network model
-Technodeterminist model— Kittler— the category of human is produced by technologies
-Technologies aren’t all powerful
-In the article humans aren’t really mentioned, the subject is reduced to a series of clicks and purchases
-Fragmentation of human subjectivity
-How might the algorithms themselves play a role in their application to increase consumption and profit?

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