Data Visualization in AR

We will be using Augmented Reality (AR) to visualize US census data. We will be visualizing payrolls. Visualizing payrolls allows one to visually see where money is going: to who and at what level. This helps addressing issues such as the wage gap experienced by many working people since one can now visualize how much a top level employee is making compared to a lower level one. In addition, it opens the possibility of an intersectional view of payroll data. While the records obtained through the U.S. census is limiting in what is revealed this can be effective, in theory, one would be able to choose various filters to pull up results. For example, Asian/CS degree/Woman/Queer can be one filtered search and black/CS degree/Male/cis would be another. This example could show if there are any discrepancies between pay based off of these “non-issue” factors. In this project, a model showing the data between administrative level will be used.